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Common Reading Committee is now accepting book nominations

The Common Reading Committee is now accepting nominations of books for the 2018-19 academic year.  (The 2017-18 book selection will be announced later this semester.)

The Common Reading Program offers new students a common intellectual experience that enables them to begin conversations in their new academic community, and reminds them of how strongly Appalachian values their intellectual development.

Please submit your book nominations by May 1, 2017 using the form on the Common Reading website here:


Book nominations from departments, programs, or other groups are strongly encouraged.

Please note that our criteria for book selection are as follows:

  1. A book that 18-year-old students will read without direction and guidance;
  2. A good, discussable book (books that make successful subjects for discussion tend to have well-developed characters who are dealing with issues in their lives with which readers can identify);
  3. A well-written book with important themes and issues that challenge and broaden students’ perceptions about the world and their relationship to it;
  4. A book with approximately 300 pages (determined by Committee each year);
  5. Faculty members or programs that are excited about the book and that will coordinate the development of the supplementary materials and workshops for discussion leaders; and
  6. A book whose author is an engaging speaker and who is available to come to Boone on the desired dates (CR Director, not the nominator, will check on author’s availability).

Thank you for your engagement with this important program for our students and campus community.

Dr. Martha McCaughey
Faculty Coordinator, First Year Experience; Director, Common Reading Program